Too Much to Lose

There from the start 从一开始 You gave to me all I need 你就给了我我需要的一切 What a fool I’ve been 宝贝我是多么地傻啊 But I found it hard 但我的确发现 To give to you all of me 很难给你我的全部 Don’t end it, please 请别因此结束对我的爱 If only I’d seen 多希望我能明白 You were right there for me 你就在那里守护着我 You were my drive and my fight 你是我的驾驶我的航班 The push in the right direction 推着我往正确的方向去 You were perfection 你就是完美的女人 Now that I need you, you gotta stay 既然我需要你,你便得留下来 Now that I love you, you can’t walk away 既然我爱着你,你便不能逃开 Never a heart could be so true 我的心从未如此真诚 I didn’t find you ’til there was too much to lose 遇见了你,我已什么都不能再失去 Baby, if I 宝贝 Had the chance to make you believe 但愿我有幸让你相信 My, my energ

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安装字体管理工具 yum install -y fontconfig mkfontscale 上传字体文件 把字体上传至/usr/share/fonts目录下,cd到该目录下,执行如下命令 mkfontscale mkfontdir fc-cache -fv 重启 使用reboot重启操作系统即可

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